Atari Evolves a Classic in Pong Quest

Released in 1972, Pong is one of the very first video games ever made. Even with the game’s popularity, Pong has never evolved in the same way that Pac-Man and Donkey Kong have. That could change however, as Atari and developer Chequered Ink have announced Pong Quest! It’s an upcoming RPG where players take on the role of a pong paddle! The game does contain the classic Pong gameplay, but adds dungeons based on other classic Atari games. Notably are both Centipede and Asteroids.

The game offers multiplayer modes for two-to-four players. Pong Quest will feature 50 unlockable, special balls, each with their own abilities. The game will offer online modes, as well.

Pong Quest will being coming soon, coming sometime this spring to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam for $15.

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