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Today we have the incredible Alex Garfin, who plays Jordan Kent on the hit CW Show Superman & Lois stopping by to talk!

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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Alex Garfin – Video Interview

Jeff: [00:00:00] Hello. Let’s use a spoiler country today on the show. We had the fantastic actor, Mr. Alice scarf, and how’s it going, sir? It’s going great. I’m a big fan of yours.

I assuming the lowest is a wonderful show.

Alex Garfin: I’m well, I’m glad you’re enjoying. Yeah, it’s a really cool show.

Jeff: So when did you decide you want it to be.

Alex Garfin: You know, I’ve been acting since I was around two years old. But I definitely got a lot more into it around you know, freshmen and sophomore year of high school.

I went to LaGuardia, high arts high school. So that kind of was. Community for all of that. And then over the summers, actually, I really started to fall in love with it. And then I ended up doing all the probably theater for a long time. I was doing this play called fear. It was, it was really cool.

And then it’s, spring-boarded into this and now I’m here. Let’s go.

Jeff: So, so how did you end up going to your high school? Inaccurate music and art high school.

Alex Garfin: Well, so there’s a large audition process. Oh, I have a tag on being told. Honestly, keep that in. It’s actually correct. So in order to get into arts there’s an audition process in New York city.

Getting into [00:01:00] high school is a lot like getting into college everywhere else. After you graduate middle school or actually in, I believe the eighth grade year. You apply to all these schools and you hopefully get into places. There are seven large schools that you have to actually take this large little IQ test kind of thing called the either way.

It’s a pain for everyone in eighth grade, but LaGuardia is very different. So it’s the eighth specialized high school that you don’t need the test for, because what you do is you go and you sit in this basement for like 20 hours while all these other kids are auditioning. And eventually you get your shot.

I mean, 3000 kids travel 90, get in every year to the drama program. So it’s really exclusive, but it’s really, really awesome. We have some great alums. I mean, I mean, most recently I’ve come out, but I think five years before me, it was still at the may two years before him was ancillary work. Drills Rome was somewhere between me and Timmy either way.

You know, it’s, it’s, it’s a really cool place.

Jeff: It sounds like it must have been extremely competitive. I mean, where are you guys tight as a group? It was, it was a lot of pressure when you’re at the high school. [00:02:00]

Alex Garfin: Well, the high school can be conducive to some pressure. But especially in the trauma department, all the kids come together and honestly, that’s the magic of the school.

You know, we, we have great teachers and, you know, we, we have a whole staff and all of that, but yeah. Really at the end of the day, it’s the fact that you, you can have kids from every background that are choose chosen just based off their merit, that all can learn off each other. So honestly, I felt like I learned 10 times more old, just all the other kids and watching what they did.

Then actually the teachers themselves and the best teachers there would allow that to happen. And actually it would be very skilled at bringing the kids together. So it was a pretty close knit group.

Jeff: No, and I didn’t read correctly. You just graduated in June of this year. Yeah. Congratulations. It must have been awesome.

How does that

Alex Garfin: feel? Oh, my God, it feels good, man. So when I was shooting his first season of Superman, I was also going to school. So it was an incredible schedule of trying to make [00:03:00] sure everything gets done. And also because I was still in school. I only have limited hours. I can be on set meaning that I had less tries to do my coverage than other people and, and whatnot.

And sometimes it’s a photo double. That’s a cool little piece of VTS as well. A lot of the times when it’s far away. It will be Tyler bitsy, Jordan, and then another guy with my hair. So the fact that I used to have to wake up at like 5:00 AM, go to school until maybe like nine and then I would be rushed down set and be working while do.

Set work. I’d be rushing back to the tent and doing homework. And so, you know, it was kind of like at the gym when you’re super setting and instead of just doing, you know, you’re doing arms, right. And then instead of taking your break, I’d have to run over and start doing legs. So I’m kind of glad that’s over.

And I’m really happy and looking forward to season two, I actually, I just got the lowdown of season two. Yeah,

Jeff: that’s really good. [00:04:00] So I assume you can give a human, a huge amount of spoilers to the show about what happens in season two.

Alex Garfin: You get fired like that. I could get myself fired. So, so quickly

Jeff: that’d be a horrible way to have this interview.

But yeah, this needs to be where I got Alex orphan fired from his show and be memorable for me, but probably horrible for you. So when you were a comic fan before you got there also.

Alex Garfin: No. I was a big star Trek fan. I was a big Trekkie. I watched every single one of those series three times. Especially as a kid growing up, it was just something I did over and over that.

And it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, but just my two things growing up actual comic books themselves. For some reason I never got too much into. So I kind of understand the fandom. I definitely understand like the whole psychology of it all from being such a big star Trek fan. And now I’m starting to get into all that comic book stuff through this.

I started to do like some research, [00:05:00] sorry, some research and whatnot, and You know, it’s, I’m, I’m enjoying it a lot. I think it’s really cool.

Jeff: Well, as a fellow Trekkie, I totally respect that. I the two weeks I got to interview Tim Russell and like border and he’s so cool. He’s a musician. I didn’t even know that.

So, so how did the role of Jordan can come along for you? How did you first hear about it? And when you got the role, what did they first tell you about the character?

Alex Garfin: So I first heard about it actually for going out. I actually went out for Johnson first and in the audition room, I, I put down the script.

I was like, I’m sorry, I. I I’ve never held a football. You’re looking at me. I was sprawling your then than I was now. It was just not, it’s just not as conducive situation. So they actually gave me the script. The audition script for Jordan. It is not actually a script in the pilot, but I just really clicked with this character.

I, when I first read the pilot, I believe I was actually. Getting on plane backs on the screen has no getting on the plane towards the screen test. That’s correct. I was getting on the plane towards the screen test [00:06:00] and reading the pilot. I realized it can be something good. You know, it just felt very different than the rest of the arrow verse.

And I think a lot of the people up at the production company and Warner brothers and whatnot have told me very similar things. I just got to meet plenty of them. They’re all awesome. That they were expecting one thing. And then if, when they read the pilot or saw the pilot, depending on what their job is, Their expectations were definitely blown and it was it’s.

I had the same experience on the plane and I knew on the way over there that I was just going to have to give it my all to try and get this one, because it’s really good. Well, you

Jeff: have to admit, and that Jordan is so much cooler than Jonathan. You got, you got the right role. You got the perfect one because it’s just the cooler character you have to get to admit.

Alex Garfin: I can’t, I can’t because you know what? Jonathan has so much cool stuff going on in season two. Also, he has a whole storyline in season two also. And also I feel like one, can’t be one without the other, you know, Jordan has his pitfalls in that it can be erratic. And Jonathan is just. Very much. [00:07:00] I’m just the positive guy and he’s always getting kicked around to like, especially first season.

He’s always, I think I saw a meme of like an ad, like, like, it was like some sort of like AI analyzing Jonathan. It was like Jonathan Kent, Humana Kryptonian hybrid strengths. Very nice. Weaknesses, weak arms,

Jeff: always nicer than the good friends to have. He’s nice. That’s a nice little surname.

Alex Garfin: It honestly, I think it makes people love him.

And I think full season he was definitely the underdog character that people could really grasp onto Jordan though is also really awesome. The thing about Jordan is that I was, I loved the opportunity to. Portray mental illness in a way that it isn’t just, you know, in your face it’s, it’s not necessarily put on the back burner, but like most people that suffer with mental illness, it’s just, you know, I always say it’s, it’s just a color on the painting instead of the full hue.


Jeff: now, what do you love about the show? [00:08:00] It’s such a family oriented program. I mean, you and John do so well together and your scenes are great. And obviously you, you know, you have to offer the best parents, the lowest rent, but on the sets, how have you guys fostered that kind of family feel? Cause you guys feel like a family.

I mean, when you watch the show, you just, you know, there’s part of your brain that knows they’re active, but for your brains, almost like, wow, they are a family. How do you guys.

Alex Garfin: Oh, first of all, thank you very much. I mean, especially between Jordan who plays Jonathan and I we’re very close in real life when we were up there, we weren’t really even allowed to talk to anyone else cause it COVID didn’t want to bring COVID set.

So him and I would hang out. Every single day, all day, we eventually kind of just became like real brothers. The dynamic is really different just because I’m very different than Jordan. He’s somewhat similar to Jonathan, but I’m very different than Jordan, but that I think that natural energy it’s a lot like acting itself where you take your natural energy and channel it and put it out through this character.

I think the natural energy between us got channeled and put out to this very different dynamic that they have on screen [00:09:00] as for Tyler and Betsy. I mean, they’re just phenomenal in every sense of the word. Betsy is so much like Lois lane. It’s ridiculous. And Tyler, I think might actually be Superman on the download just on the down low.

I mean, the guy is constantly working his butt off and he has never, never anything besides. Awesome all the time and gracious and kind, and I cannot say enough good things about both of them. So I’m really glad that it’s working out on screen. I’m glad, I’m glad you’re noticing all of that. You know, I owe a lot to both Tyler and Betsy and also.

Have a great relationship with Jordan.

Jeff: Well, Delta, I thought that was really cool about your character and th the school that I teach, I teach at a therapeutic high school, and a lot of my students have anxiety. And one of the things that Jordan was dealing with in the show is anxiety as well.

How do you incorporate that into your, into your character when you’re, when you’re out?

Alex Garfin: You know, like I was saying before it was one of my goals [00:10:00] and also I believe the writers as well, that it was just, it was an aspect of Jordan and that it’s a person dealing with this thing rather than a person who necessarily is branded with this thing.

Or it’s not necessarily the first thing that you can even notice about him. Well, which is great because in the end of the day that that’s a realistic portrayal of it, at least in my experiences and the experiences of the people I talk to. It’s just, it’s, it’s something, that’s there something that you got to deal with, and I absolutely love the idea that I am get to portray that for this community.

I think it’s great. I think I also, right now, it’s the pandemic. We were living locked inside. We were told everyone’s gonna die for like a full like three months. And then we were like, okay, not everyone’s going to die, but we’re all gonna be really bored, eat a lot of shifts and sit around. Yeah. And we were all like, all right, you know what?

That’s not bad. And then like month eight of that, we all like, oh my God, Make it stop. So in this unpredictable world, I think [00:11:00] a lot of times unpredictability begets anxiety because all of a sudden there’s insecurity and their future. So I think it’s a great story to be telling that this shy kid with anxiety, all of a sudden moves to the small town and also he felt seen and heard by this girl.

And all of a sudden he realizes that he’s different. And all of a sudden you realize there’s all these things about his own self and his own heritage. You get to see him progress and you get to see them start to become a little super. And I think that’s really cool. I think it’s

Jeff: so calming since it, like I said, as you mentioned, like your fans probably do suffer from anxiety, do you, do they, have you heard from them saying, you know, thank you for the betrayal.

It helps me feel stronger just watching how your, how this character was able to overcome it.

Alex Garfin: Yeah. And I hear that often and it always means a lot every single time. You know, I think I got to go to galaxy con over in Raleigh and really start meeting the fans. It was the only con I’ve gotten to do just because of COVID, but I was kind of in that low between alpha and Delta we’re back in it.

Either I got to [00:12:00] meet a lot of the fans and it was really awesome. Not only did I get to meet people that had a social anxiety issues or, or, or any, any sort of spectrum issues as well. I mean, and getting to connect with those people and getting to hear that what I’m doing is working. And what I set out to do, which is again, just do this realistic portrayal.

It hopefully brings people in is working. But also I got a lot of families coming up to my tent and Tyler and Betsy’s tent. And the fact that, you know, they’re like, you know, the generations now are much more far apart than they were even 50 years ago. The landscape is changing so rapidly year by year.

The fact that they were all like me and my teenage sons can’t agree on anything. He’s always on his phone on Tik TOK or whatever, but we all sit down and enjoy your show for different reasons. It’s incredible. The fact that the writers have been able to pull that off the directing team, everyone just put their back into it [00:13:00] enough that we pulled that off is really magical.

And it’s another thing that when I hear it, I feel like

Jeff: everything’s working. I watched your show. My father who’s awfully much older than all of us watching the show as well. And they both both love it. And like I said, I think because it feels so much like a Superman show. And now at least I’ve been only as a Superman show, but like I said, that family aspect is so present and, you know, and I’m sure there was some skeptics about having the two songs.

Cause everyone knows the combo. He has the one kid, but it just works perfectly. I mean, you, you watch your character Jordan and how you portray. Can you just be in the comic book now? Why is he not in the comic book, right. That second needs to be incorporated immediately. No worries. So are you think you’re gonna be doing more conventions now?

I mean, once this whole COVID thing, eventually either ends, I guess maybe subsides is more better word than ends because it’s probably never going to end up

Alex Garfin – COMBINED: late.

Alex Garfin: Yeah. I, I I look forward to doing more conventions. I don’t know how to fund, meeting the fans. I also got to meet some ally heroes and stuff.

Like I got to meet William Shatner. Oh, nice. Cool. [00:14:00] Yeah, he’s doing. I think I actually posted that on my Instagram and old heroes, a new friend.

I I stayed away from doing it too much. I was talking to him about. Like, like some, I thought would I never be talking to William Shatner about, I was talking to him about like dysentery and

Jeff: that’s an odd little exchange,

Alex Garfin: you know, a normal day, I guess, with William Shatner, I don’t really know. So going to England in 2022, those are confirmed way ahead, just because they’re so far away, there’ll be plenty more between them now.


Jeff: sure. So you’re gonna find a way to incorporate William Shatner now into Superman and Lois, you know, so you’re gonna end up being like the great grandpa, the great-great-grandfather of

Alex Garfin: You should just come down, just knock on the door. You got a new member of the family. That’s Angus McFadden’s joke, actually the Juul after they like crushed his crystal and it looks like you’ve passed.

He’s like, you know, I still, I still need some money. [00:15:00] He doesn’t need any money yet. He has plenty of money, but you know, Old grandpa just comes knocking on the door one day

Jeff: and the theme music.

it’s the word of the superheroes. Anything can happen GRL can come up and, you know, he’s a hologram, something that pops out of your television, who knows it doesn’t matter.

Alex Garfin: Come up with, for the kids to call it Torah. It’s never Doral. It’s always like hollow Grant’s else’s ice castle. I remember that was one of them or a Jor-El DeBarge they use a lot. They really like, they never respect their grandfather.

Jeff: Of course now they’re

Alex Garfin: kids. Why would I had a holographic grandfather?

I think that would probably be the most, even though he’s Kryptonian I still think the fact that my grandpa has a hologram. Hey, that’s actually a joke. I use every once in a while. Like when, like I live in [00:16:00] New York city, there’s a lot of like rats and tones. Like, oh my God, it’s a ride. I’m like, oh, you know, my grand uncle was a rat.

I always say that there’s a mosquito in the room. I’m trying to spot it. Oh, you know, my grandfather was specific. Well, you know, it would be,

Jeff: you know, it’ll be awkward during a family. Get together. That the chair is my holographic,

Alex Garfin: my actual like, and then they’re like, what, which ones will you meet me? I’m like, ah, no, I was just making the joke and.

Jeff: But no, I mean, one thing I thought was really cool about your show that you’ve gone to do. And and I’ll talk to you. I am very envious of what you’ve been able to do on that show. You’ve had to do, you got to fight Superman and that’s pretty bad. I mean, there’s that many people on the resume, especially as a teenager, you can say, I smacked around my belly, my super about my father, apparently as well, which it must have been awkward at that moment.

Alex Garfin: You know, doing all that stuff with data row was so much fun. You know, it was it’s a lot, you get that excitement, especially as an actor of a new project. And I tend to try to bottle that [00:17:00] excitement and try to use it for every episodes that each episode feels like a progression and it feels like I’m putting my care and work into it, but yeah.

Something about that new character and doing the and, and doing the background work for a new character and trying to suss out the mannerisms and stint character. It was just so much fun to be bad. And to like the whole thing was really cool. Also the voice that they ended up using was really cool.

I didn’t get to see it until it aired. So it was just weird to see my mouth moving and like some other dude talk and and you know, there’s fight scenes, but Tyler was so much fun as well. I had, they’re all green screen as well. Except the one in the quarry, the one in the quarry that, that one.

Okay. It was, it was so desperately hot that day. It was during that Vancouver heat wave. It was the highest recorded temperature ever recorded in tea and a candle that day. And the light was just blinding my bright eyes. Cause I have green eyes. It was coming. Yeah. And I was just squinting and like, I’m trying to try to keep them open for the one little shot.

It turned out [00:18:00] really bad ass as Tom. Cavanaugh’s awesome. Who directed? Episode 15, but oh my God, that was, that was a brutal one to shoot

Jeff: question. I think everyone wants to know when you were fighting Tyler Superman, did you accidentally land a shop by any chance or did you do, did you just heard you accidentally actually hit him at one time,

Alex Garfin: but yeah.

No, I, I never accidentally hit him. You know, that kind of stuff does happen eventually. I mean, there’s a lot of fighting in the show, but generally it doesn’t really happen. We have an amazing stunt team. They’re like the pros of the pros of the pros, all the other pros of the pros pros. They all look up to them and go, wow, you’re the pro.

So, you know, and then, you know, other guys going up to those people and say, you’re the pros. So, I mean, really we’re, there’s a pro pyramid here and our guys are at the top and they’re also really awesome. So a lot of that stuff never happens. My stunt double Liam, who does all those crazy flips, I mean, he came out of the gate doing crazy stuff.

You did that whole thing where he flipped down off the poles and smack down on the farm and bulls fell on top [00:19:00] of them. And. Yeah, it was really

Jeff: cool. It looks really when you’re doing it, it looks really real. I mean, you think you really do. Thanks, Jesus. How are they not, he usually looks totally real.

Alex Garfin: So it was really, I, I, you know, again and that’s, and that’s due to the directorial skill and the fact that you don’t catch on that, it’s a stunt devil.

Sorry about that. I think it cut out, but yeah, you don’t really catch on that as a stunt double either in the shelf. So. It’s it’s really well done. I I’m really proud to be a part of all of this, and I’m proud of all the people in it.

Jeff: It’s a great show. I know our time’s just about up, so I do have this last one final question.

So w and it’s, you know, you’ve spoken, spoil as much as humanly you wish. What can our listeners look forward to in the next season of Superman and Lois, and also where I know they can find on the CW is it going to keep the same airtime when it comes back?

Alex Garfin: I don’t know. That is a question I have, I don’t know if they decided yet, but I could be wrong.

I don’t want to like I don’t want someone calling me and saying I wasn’t. But as for next season, I mean, we can look forward to [00:20:00] some, some things going on, some concrete things. So we’re going to have Superman, Superman. Lois is the one to be the lowest thing, and she’s going to be, you know, reporting and lowest thing, Jonathan.

Going to be Jonathan, any Jonathan, something, John, you know what I mean? And then Jordan is going to be Jordan, but, you know, and I think there are natural assumptions of what’s moving forward. Our show showrunner Todd helping on a different interview confirmed that that Jordan is not going to gain all powers as a to row.

So we look forward to his arc in getting stronger as well, if that were to happen next season. And also he just beat this big mental battlefield. So I think we can assume that he feels a little more confident, at least in his own right. So it’s, it’s going to be a really good season. I really don’t want to spoil anything because there’s so many crazy twists and turns and so many things going on season one was awesome, but I still think season two’s going to blow it out of the water.

Jeff: Well, it’s very well-played this a quick connected question. Will [00:21:00] John will Jordan be suiting up at all? Do we think next season does he become, oh, super boy.

Alex Garfin: You know, I, I would love to answer that, but lucky for my

Jeff: job even more. That’s that’s the important thing. That’s really what matters. But I, and like I said, it was a great pleasure to talk to you.

You a lot of fun. I, unfortunately our time is up. W what was thought to be, but it was great talking to you. And I, like I said, a fantastic show. I look forward to next season, and anytime you want to come back and promote something, come right back to the show.

Alex Garfin: Sounds awesome, man.

Jeff: This is great.

Thank you. Have a fantastic day. Bye.

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