John Horsley an Kenric Regan had a simple idea not long ago. The idea was to create a YouTube talk show and simply discuss comic books. Unfortunately, that plan never panned out. But their adventure towards something larger began July 2, 2017. They recorded their first Podcast episode for Spoiler Country called ‘Going in Dry.’

Only after three episodes they were sponsored from Mill Geek Comics in Mill Creek, WA to attend the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Episodes 6 through 13 were all recorded at the convention. The first interview they conducted was at SDCC with legendary comic artist Mike Grell. This convention series became a stable of their show. They would go on to covers shows like ECCC , Rose City Comic Con, and Jet City Comic Show just to name a few. John‘s wife, Kaylie, is often a contributor on the convention episodes.

Late 2017

October 2017, just a few months after starting this adventure, John and Kenric added a sub-series to their show called ‘Kickstarter Signal boost.’ Here, they would speak with creators who have an active kickstarter. This was simply to help promote their work. This specific series has become a once a month special show released on the 15th.


In mid-2018 Casey Allen joined the duo. Initially in the background helping with time stamping episodes. Casey quickly jumped in and began helping with the interviews when it came to web-comics and indie creators. You can now hear him as a regular voice for many of the interviews on the show.

In October 2018 John and Kenric launched the first season of their YouTube show Drinks & Comics where they would show you how to make a drink then discuss a comic, movie, tv show.


August 2019 John and Kenric‘s adventure took a large leap forward. Deciding to expand and create a network they began bringing on more talent and shows.

Jay RoachRoach’s Den
Mike Peacock – Misery Point Radio
Eli Sirota – Deeper Memeing
David Mair – Staff Writer
Sara K – The K Files
Robert Slavinsky – Shootin’ the Sith
Colton Bird – Staff Writer / Podcast contributor
Deej Pennhollow – Nerdtalkalypse / The Fandom Vibe / Cup of Cheer

This ragtag team of misfits were all brought together creating a network dubbed The Spoilerverse.

August 2019 was also the launch of a new sub-series on the show called Commentary Track, where the team talks with comic creators and go page by page into their books to learn all the behind the scene goodness.

In September/October 2019 a Public Relations Manager was added to the team. Jeff Haas began reaching out and scheduling interviews with comic and media guests from around the globe. This was an absolute game changer for Spoiler Country and the newly created Spoilerverse. Not only did this increase listenership but also increased the output of the podcast to 4-7 episodes per week!

The Goal of The Spoilerverse

In the wild universe that is the entertainment industry, the Spoilerverse will be your bus tour through all Pop Culture!