A World War 2 Coming of Age Tale! – JoJo Rabbit Review

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JoJo Rabbit hit theaters on November 8, 2019. Taika Waititi with this film took a very serious moment in history, World War 2 and the Holocaust, and made it a touching coming to age tale. Dealing with the fascist views of the time Waititi uses the racism and intolerance of the time to portray a story of tolerance, understanding, and growth.

The Eye Opening of JoJo

The story mainly focuses around a young mans journey through the end of the second World War. The beginning of the film follows JoJo as he aims to become a soldier, when he becomes maimed. Realizing that he has an unwelcome guest in his home, he begins to try to learn more about her. This is edged on by his imaginary friend, Hitler. Through much of the film, we see JoJo grow as a character and begin to question everything he knows.

Superb Acting By All

Everyone on this star studded roster gave a performance worthy of every award won. Roman Griffin Davis give a phenomenal performance as a young, impressionable German boy.

He’s complimented by Waititi’s performance of Hitler himself, whose the young boys imaginary friend. His portrayal of Hitler mocks and belittles the historical figure, showing the lies of the Nazi regime.

Along side Waititi, Thomasin McKenzie gives an emotional performance as a Jewish girl who slowly undermines all of the Nazi brainwashing JoJo believes.

The comedy throughout the film is really spot on. The comedy hits way more often than it misses. This is a direct result of the acting and delivery of every line. Even with the comedy, the film also has very serious moments which hit very hard and are very touching.


This film is most certainly a entertaining watch. This film has a ton going for it, whether it be the comedy, the acting, or the compelling story, it has enough for a perfect date night movie!

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