A Spoilerverse Christmas Carol

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve! This year, we’re supporting pandemic comics charity GiveComicsHope.org, who are doing great work helping our family-owned comic book shops stay alive during this bleakest of midwinters. Please join John & Kenric and Hard Agree‘s Sumner as they accompany Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future for this very special production of Charles Dickens’ performance version of A Christmas Carol. It’s time for Christmas and it’s time to Give Comics Hope. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL OF US AT THE SPOILERVERSE

Very special thanks to comics artist supreme Kelly Yates for his festive illustration of John, Kenric & Sumner (colors by our very own Mr Horsley)

Follow the voice behind this, Andrew Sumner:https://twitter.com/Sumnarr
Art by Kelly Yates (https://www.kellyyatesart.com/)
Colors by John Horsley (http://y2cl.net)

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