A Review of The Mandalorian: Chapter 8 – Redemption

The season finale of The Mandalorian is here and boy was it a doozy. After last weeks insane episode where Moff Gideon makes his debut and Baby Yoda gets captured. We knew that chapter 8 was going to have to do quite a bit to close out the first season.

It didn’t disappoint.

Here is a Recap and Review of Season 1’s final Chapter, Redemption.


Scout Troopers / IG-11

The episode begins with the two Scout troopers who killed Kuiil and captured the Child just hanging out awaiting orders. If you were unhappy with what they had done already, you really wont like how the one trooper continuously hit the Child telling it to shut-up and behave.

They are informed that Moff Gideon is handling the situation in the town and they are to wait further instruction. At this time they begin target practice at an object on the ground. Both missing horribly.

This is absolutely a Dave Filoni inspired scene. The Troopers hanging out, talking and actually showing they have personality. The one, who didn’t capture the Child, keeps asking to see it. It’s quite enjoyable to watch.

IG-11 shows up to rescue the Child and does so the only way he knows how. He hops on a Speeder bike and heads into town impressively killing nearly every Stormtrooper he passes by.

The Mando, Cara Dune & Greef Karga

Still stuck in the town. The three of them attempt to find a way out. They see Stormtroopers setting up an E-Web Cannon. Moff Gideon gives the crew until nightfall to come out peacefully or he will use the weapon on them.

We discover that The Mando’s name is Din Djarin. As a child he was rescued by Mandalorians. It’s explained that Mandalorians are not a race but a creed in which individuals live by.

The Mando calls out for one last try to reach Kuiil but IG-11 answers as he and the Child are on their way to town.

Fighting Back

Just as IG-11 swoops into the town, Manda, Cara and Greef join the fight as they begin taking out the troopers. The Mando goes hand to hand with two Death Troopers taking one out rather easily and Greef helping with the other. He then grabs the E-Web Cannon and uses it against the Imperials.

The troopers make their way into the building which Cara was still in and three Death Troopers attack her. With her impressive skills she dispatches them. Outside Moff Gideon and The Mando come face to face, but before Mando can shoot the Cannon at him he shoots the power box creating an explosion and blowing the Mandalorian back and incapacitating him.

Cara, IG-11 and Greef make their way back into the building carrying Mando. IG-11 begins to cut into a sewer access to find the Mandalorian Commune for help. It’s discovered that Mando will die unless his wounds are taken care of.

A Flame trooper comes toward the building. The Child once again displays his Force ability and saves the day.


Cara and Greef escape with the Child, leaving Mando and IG-11 behind. IG removes Mando’s helmet to heal him revealing PEDRO PASCAL! (shocker!). They all make their way into the sewer tunnels and come to the area in which the Mandalorians were staying to find a pile of Mandalorian armor.

Unhappy with what he sees he looks at Greef questioning if it was the Guild that did this to them. He denies any involvement. Just then The Woman Armorer reveals herself explaining that it was the Imperials who did this. Stating some of the Mandalorians escaped the planet. She collects some of the armor and takes it to her armory where she discusses what is to come of Mando and the Child.

She explains that the creed demands that Mando find the Child’s species and return him to them. Until that time or he is of age The Mando will be his father.

As she finishes her molding it is revealed she molded an insignia to place on his armor of the Mudhorn in which he and the Child defeated as they are now one. Finally she hands Mando a Jet pack in which she tells him until he is fully healed he will not be able to use it and it will not listen to him until he practices.

Final Act

The Crew make their way to a lava river where they find a boat that will take them where they can get to the Razor Crest. As they make their way to the exit of the tunnels on the boat a large faction of Stormtroopers await on the flanks of the exit. IG-11 takes it upon himself to use his self-destruct and kill them to save the Child.

As they get outside Moff Giedon attacks them with his Tie Fighter. Realizing their guns are no match for the Fighter, the Mandalorian puts on his jet pack and flies up to the sky grabbing onto the Fighter. He then plants charges on the wing before jumping off and landing to safety.

Gideon loses control of his fighter when the charges explode and crashes in the distance.


Cara decides to stay behind with Greef Karga. The Mando makes his way to his ship to start his journey on finding out where the Child belongs. Not before properly burying and saying goodbye to Kuiil though.

The final scene of the episode is Moff Gideon escaping his Tie Fighter’s wreckage using the famous Darksaber.


WHAT A WAY to finish off the first season. Not only was it satisfying in every way possible but, it absolutely leaves me wanting more. You could feel the Dave Filoni influence on this episode from start to finish. From the Troopers in the beginning to the Mandalorian’s back story. Everything was on point.

The first season does leave us with some questions though. We still have no idea whose feet those were walking up to the body of Fennec Shand. People still believe it is Boba Fett. I guess that will have to wait until season 2.

We also got a glimpse of the Darksaber for the first time in live action. Why does Moff Gideon have it? Last we saw, in Rebels, was when Sabine Wren convinces Bo-Katan to take it and lead Mandalore. She does this in memory of her sister Satine and to honor the Clan.

Now we have to wait and see what Season 2 will bring us. The Child and Mando out on the road, living life, trying to find their way to where the Child comes from. Could this lead them to Luke???

What will come of Cara Dune, will she join the guild? Will Mando ever work as a Bounty Hunter again?

Season 2 can’t come soon enough. This was a home run for Star Wars, Lucasfilm and Disney for sure. This is the Way

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