A Review of The Mandalorian: Chapter 7 – The Reckoning

After last weeks Chapter where the Mando goes on an intense rescue mission aboard a New Republic prisoner transport. The Penultimate episode of this season, Chapter 7, gets us right back on track with the Child being hunted. Check out the Recap and Review below.


Let’s Make a Deal

Greef Karga reaches out to the Mandalorian and offers him a deal in which Mando could find himself and the Child safe from being hunted. To do this The Mandalorian has to go back to Nevarro and take the Child as bait. Greef will set up an exchange with the Client, who has taken over the City and making it hard for the Guild to make money. Once they get to the Client The Mandalorian is to kill him thus freeing up the City in which Greef will clear his name from the Guild and the Child can stay with Mando.

The Mandalorian willing to take the offer is a bit hesitant and decides to recruit some help on this mission. He first heads back to Sorgan.

Cara Dune

Upon arriving on Sorgan, The Mandalorian goes back to the bar that he met former Rebel Shock Trooper, Cara Dune, on and asks if she is looking for some work. Unwilling to get back into the fight she quickly changes her mind when she discovers that the Client they are going to kill is an Imperial.

The Ugnaught

Due to the Child being a little… rambunctious Cara asks if there is anyone Mando trusts to help watch over the Child during this mission. To which he they head to Arvala-7 to recruit Kuiil the Ugnaught.

When they arrive it is discovered that Kuill had collected the destroyed IG-11, from Chapter 1, which Mando is not to excited to see.

After convincing the Mando to allow IG-11 to tag along with the four of them they head off to Nevarro


Arriving on Nevarro Greef Karga has assembled three Bounty Hunters to go with them on their Journey in killing the Client. Greef attempts to convince the Mando that Cara must stay at the ship but they aren’t having it.

They begin their journey to the city and have to set up camp for the night. Its here, around a fire, they discuss what the plan is and in a bit more detail. The Mando begins to realize that the plan is rather thin and things may not go as planned.

As Karga stands to get more food three large flying creatures fly and begin attacking the party. Everyone jumps up and begins firing. Greef has been injured but is doing his best. One of Karga’s men is killed but the Child is safe.

The creature that injured Greef also poisoned him to which they do not have enough med packs to stop him from succumbing to the poison and dying. The Child seeing this walks over to him and puts his hand on the wound….healing him.

The Real Plan

At the edge of the city Greef can be seen contemplating his coming actions. He turns quickly dispatching the two remaining Bounty Hunters he brought with him. He reveals the real plan was to Kill the Mando and return the Child to the Client to restore his control of the City. But after what he witness the night prior he couldn’t allow the Imperials have the Child.

They decide that Kuiil would take the Child back to the Razor Crest with Cara being the “Bounty Hunter” who captured the Mandalorian along with the Child. Greef would escort them to the Client and fulfill the plan of killing him.

The Client

Once they get to the Client he talks about how impressed he is with the new Beskar armor the Mando has. He then asks to see the child but is interrupted by a call from Moff Gideon who appears to be the one controlling the Client and his desire to retrieve the Child.

Moff Gideon requests that he verify that the Child is actually there but when he can not do so blaster bolts come flying through the window killing the Client and all the Stormtroopers within the room.

The Mandalorian calls to Kuill to get the Child on the ship and evacuate as they are pinned down. We see Kuiil making his way to the ship with two Stormtroopers on Speeder bikes on his heels.

He approaches the entrance of the ship…

Moff Gideon

Moff Gideon arrives with the Mandalorian, Cara Dune and Greef Karga all trapped in the building. Kuiil is making his way to the Razor Crest. However Moff Gideon assures that the Child will be in his possession any moment now.

Kuill is killed by the Speeder bike troopers and they collect the Child.


This has become my second favorite episode of the season. We finally see The Mandalorian reunited with the Cara Dune, portrayed amazingly by Gina Carano. Kuiil the Ugnaught is back as is IG-11… even though he is a bit dumbed down now.

This is the first episode since Chapter 3 that really progresses the story. With Mando on the run he has an out, or believes he does, from being hunted. He takes the opportunity despite knowing it is probably a trap. But for him, any chance at keeping the Child safe is worth taking.

No surprise Greef Karga changed his ways in this episode. While it may be brief he realizes that the Child being in Imperial hands is probably not in its best interest.

Finding out that Moff Gideon is basically the one pulling the strings was a bit of a surprise. The Client seemed to be too in control to be controlled himself.

This episode, I believe, is more about setting up the second season as opposed to the finale. Yea the ramifications will be felt in chapter 8 but, I really feel this story line is going to go into season two and beyond.

Thanks for reading everyone and Enjoy The Rise of Skywalker!

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