A Review of The Mandalorian: Chapter 6 – The Prisoner

Chapter 6 of The Mandalorian has released and we are still no closer to seeing a resolution of his predicament with the child than we were 3 episodes ago. While this may anger some fans I for one enjoy the adventures we are seeing through out this season.



The beginning of the episode we see that The Mandalorian reached out to his old friend Ran, who has assembled a crew of Mercenaries. Ex-Imperial sharpshooter Mayfeld, the Devaronian strongman Burg, the droid pilot Zero, and the Twi’lek woman Xi’an. They have been hired to go and rescue a prisoner from the New Republic.

While being introduced to all the mercs it appears that Mando has a past with the Twi-lek Xi’an.

Getting to Know he Mando

That moment someone finds you doing something you aren’t supposed to be doing

On their trip aboard the Razor Crest Burg begin to poke around the ship before the Mando stops him. This leads to an altercation revealing to the Mercenaries of the Child who was hidden.


Upon arrival on the prison ship, they fight through security droids and make it to the control room where a New Republic soldier who is scared and eventually killed by Xi’an. Kill him triggers a beacon alerting the New Republic of their presence and gives them only 20 minutes to find the prisoner and escape.


The crew finally finds the Prisoner who happens to be Xi’an’s brother Qin. At this time the Mercenaries double cross the Mandalorian by locking him in one of the cells.

He is quick to escape and begins to isolate and defeat each crew member finally capturing Qin.

Drop off

The Mandalorian delivers Qin to Ran and departs. But prior to leaving THe Mandalorian hides the New Republic beacon on Qin leading a trio of X-Wings to Ran’s station. They Attack the station and we see it get destroyed.

The last scene shows Mayfeld, Burg, and Xi’an in a cell on the prison transport, having been spared.


While this was not the most intriguing episode of the bunch it did give us some interesting moments seeing the Mandalorian using his skills and taking out different Droids and the Mercenaries.

The story has hardly progressed since episode 3 and that is going to be a big issue with fans. Especially when we get a 40 minute episode that focuses on something that seems, at least right now, insignificant.

People are dying to know who that was at the end of Chapter 5. Was it Boba Fett like so many speculate (I don’t think it is him) or is it another bounty hunter looking for the Child? Only time will tell, but with only two episodes left it will be interesting to see how they wrap up season 1 when so little has happened for three episodes now.

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