A Review of The Mandalorian: Chapter 3 – The Sin

Chapter 3 was quite a ride. The Mandalorian returns to the client with the child and receives his payment of Beskar. What transpires after this should make everyone giddy with excitement.


The Exchange

Immediately the episode begins with The Mandalorian heading back to the Client to receive payment for the child. When doing so he questions what will be done with it. To which he is immediately lambasted for going against the Bounty Hunter’s Guild rules.

Instead of causing any more issues he takes his payment of Beskar and heads to the Mandalorian Covert to have it molded into new armor.

The Covert

When arriving at the Covert he takes the Beskar to the same person who molded his new shoulder piece in Chapter 1. While there a group of Mandalorians make their way over to them and begin criticizing the Mando for completing a Bounty for remnants of the Empire.

The Empire looked at Mandalorians as a threat and caused much mayhem in the early days of the Empire.

After a scuffle between the Mando and another. They realize that what he was doing was for the best of the Mandalorian people.

New armor was then created for our hero. During which he has flashbacks of his childhood as we see the Separatist Droid army attack his village.

The Next Bounty

Now, in his new shiny armor the Mandalorian makes his way back to Greef Karga for a new bounty. However, the fate of the child is weighing heavy on the Mando and he questions his he is aware of what is to happen to it. Greef assures him he is unaware because the code of the Guild does not allow them to ask.

Our Hero picks a new bounty and makes his way to his ship.

The Sin

Just as the Mando is about to take off in his ship his conscious gets the better of him and he decided to go back for the child. This causes for all the bounty hunters in the area to be alerted to this. To which they all go after The Mandalorian to stop him.

A fight breaks out between the Mando and the bounty hunters. As the fight goes on it begins to look like all hope is lost for the hero that is until…

His Mandalorian brethren show up and support his mission in rescuing the child. With this help he is able to make his escape to where is still unsure.


This episode was a wild ride. We knew from the moment the Mandalorian laid eyes on the Child that he wasn’t going to let him go so easily. It seems there may be some connection he is making with his own childhood in comparison with what is happening to this child. The details are yet to be fleshed out for the viewers, but all in due time.

Getting more information on the Mandalorian Covert and their anger towards the Empire was nice to see. While it wasn’t a lot of it gave us some insight on the Mandalorians of this day. It was also interesting to see how little regard they had for our Hero due to taking the bounty he did. In turn it was exciting to see them then having his back when it mattered most.

This is the way.

Where will this adventure lead us now? As I said in the past, could this show lead us to seeing Luke Skywalker who takes the child under his wing at some point?

I really have no idea on where its going but Mando is now on the run from bounty hunters and remnants of the Empire across the Galaxy. The next few episodes are surely going to be crazy.

What did you think of this episode? Where do you think he is going to take the Child?

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