A Look Back ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’

In 2005 George Lucas released, Revenge of the Sith, which many thought to be the final installment of the Star Wars Franchise. The excitement of this film cannot be overstated. For the 10 years leading up to this film Star Wars was the talk of the town. From the re-releases and special editions. To the prequel trilogy, 2005 was a bitter sweet moment for everyone in the fandom.


The Rescue

It’s been three years since the start of the Clone Wars. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi lead a mission to rescue the kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine from the clutches of General Grievous.

Just as they make their way onto the ship and find where the Chancellor is being held. Count Dooku confronts the Jedi and a rematch ensues. Unfortunately for the Count Anakin Skywalker’s power has doubled since the last time they met. After Obi-Wan is incapacitated, Anakin gains the upper hand and is able to unarm Dooku rather easily.

It is in this moment that Skywalker is once again confronted with doing things the Jedi way or allowing himself fall slightly more to the dark. With a little nudge of his mentor Sheev Palpatine Anakin cuts the head of of Dooku ending his life.

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As Anakin grabs the unconscious Obi-Wan, despite Palpatine’s cries to leave him. They are eventually captured by General Grievous and taken to the command center to meet face to face.

Luckily for our heroes, Obi-Wan, attune with the Force, finds his opportunity frees himself, Anakin and the Chancellor. Quickly takes out the battle droids and attempts to face Grievous. But, as all cowards do, the General quickly escapes and runs away to his personal ship and sets course for the planet Utapau.

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Showing off his impressive piloting skills, Anakin is forced to control the Separatist ship as it crash lands on Coruscant.

Another Happy Landing

After successfully rescuing the Chancellor. Obi-Wan and Anakin make their way back to the Capital. Obi-Wan uncomfortable with the political side of the war allows Anakin to receive all the praise and heads to the Jedi Temple.

As Anakin makes his way with the Chancellor to his chambers he is greeted, in secret, by his wife Padme who reveals to him that she is pregnant. While overjoyed by the news Anakin is later haunted by dreams of his wife dying in childbirth.

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Jedi Council

Impressed with his actions during his rescue. Chancellor Palpatine requests that Anakin Skywalker be placed on the Jedi Council as his personal representative and informant. When with the Council Anakin is taken by surprise when they allow him to sit in the council but do not grant him the rank of master.

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Skywalker protests and allows his anger to get the better of him in this moment.

As the war begins to wind down and Grievous believed to be the only remaining threat. Mace Windu, Yoda and Obi-Wan begin to feel uneasy about Palpatine not relinquishing his power and decide that they would ask Anakin to spy on the Chancellor. Despite Windu not trusting the young Jedi in being able to handle this task. He realizes that there isn’t anyone who can get as close as he can.

Good Bye Old Friend

When approached by Master Obi-Wan about the task, Anakin is insulted and upset at the notion of spying on his friend and mentor Palpatine. Kenobi is able to talk some sense into Anakin a bit before leaving for his mission and believes that his former padawan will follow through with what he is asked. Little does he realize that this task has all but diminished his faith in the Jedi.

Have You Ever Heard the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

While meeting with his friend at the Opera house. Palpatine can sense the conflict within young Skywalker. Though Anakin is reluctant to reveal the Jedi have asked him to spy on the Chancellor. Palpatine is able to guess what is causing such conflict within.

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Knowing the fear Anakin has of losing his wife and also the need for validation of his Jedi prowess. Sheev tells Anakin the story of Darth Plagueis a Sith lord who was so powerful he was even able to save the ones he loved from dying. Inspired by the story, Skywalker asks if this is something that can be learned.

Palpatine responds….”Not from a Jedi”

Death of Grievous… Sith Lord Revealed

Obi-Wan Kenobi makes his way to Utapau confronts and defeats General Grievous. With this news the Jedi send Anakin to inform the Chancellor of this and believe that with the victory Palpatine would begin to relinquish his power.

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Palpatine reveals to Anakin that he is the Sith Lord behind everything that has transpired for the last decade. Knowing full well that Skywalker would allow his emotions get the better of him and keep him alive in hopes that he would help save Padme from certain death.

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Anakin does inform the Jedi council of the revelation. Mace Windu and a few other Jedi make their way to Sheev’s chambers and confront him.

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You’re Under Arrest Chancellor

Darth Sidious being too much to handle, he quickly incapacitates all but Mace Windu and a lightsaber fight ensues.

During this time Anakin is back at the Temple struggling with what has transpired. He realizes that Mace Windu would not allow the Chancellor to live thus sealing Padme’s death.

Anakin rushes to Palpatine’s chambers and arrives just as Mace Windu is about to end his rule once and for all. Sheev begging for his life asks Anakin for help. Skywalker attempts to talk sense into Windu stating that he must stand trial but Mace knows that he is too dangerous to kept alive and attempts to go for a final blow.

Just then Anakin protects his mentor and disarms Mace giving Palpatine the ability to finish him off.

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New Apprentice…Darth Vader

Anakin falls to the ground distraught over what he has done. Palpatine, now disfigured, urges Skywalker to continue his training under his tutelage. As Anakin agrees Sidious dubs his new apprentice as Darth Vader

Palpatine contacts the Clone Troopers and executes Order 66 which is a command that informs all Clone’s to attack and destroy the Jedi.

For his first mission Darth Vader is tasked with going to the Jedi Temple and beginning the Jedi purge.

Obi-Wan & Yoda

During this time Yoda had been on the planet of Kashyyyk. It was here he felt the purge begin and was able to escape with the help of a Wookie named Chewbacca.

Obi-Wan narrowly escapes the purge on Utapau.

Senator Bale Organa finds both Yoda and Obi-Wan and sneaks them back to Coruscant so they can see what has transpired.

It’s here that the two Jedi discover that the person they believed to be the Chosen One was involved in the destruction and murder of the Jedi.

Yoda and Obi-Wan split up. Yoda goes to face Darth Sidious and Obi-Wan goes to face his friend…his brother… Anakin Skywalker.


His second mission as Vader was to go to the planet of Mustafar and destroy the remaining separatist leaders. The anguish and guilt can be seen on Darth Vader’s face as he struggles with the decisions he has made to this point. Despite all that he believes this is the only way to save Padme.

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Obi-Wan in an attempt to find his old padawan goes to Padme Amidala’s apartment to which she is shocked to learn what her husband has done. She assures Kenobi she is not aware of where Anakin has gone. But after Obi-Wan reveals he knows she is pregnant with Skywalker’s child and leaves Padme rushes to her ship to head to the man she loves while Kenobi sneaks aboard.

When she arrives on Mustafar, Padme is greeted by Anakin. It is quickly revealed that Obi-Wan stowed away on her ship to which Vader now believes his wife has betrayed him. He begins to choke her as she pleads with him but she loses consciousness.

Ob-Wan, now confronting Vader, attempts to talk sense into his former padawan. Anakin, consumed by the Dark, talks about bring peace and security to his new Empire.

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Darth Vader, refusing to see the ways of the Jedi, threatens Obi-Wan. The Battle of Heroes begins.

Battle of Heroes

As the epic battle between Vader and Obi-Wan ensues. Yoda confronts Darth Sidious where a Lightsaber battle begins.

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Back on Mustafar the fight continues as each one trades blows and gains the upper hand. The two are scarily evenly matched.

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It is Darth Vader’s arrogance that eventually leads to his defeat. Gaining the High ground, Kenobi begs Vader not to try anything stupid. He doesn’t listen and lunges towards his old Master attempting to overtake him. Obi-Wan, wise to this, swings and dismembers Vader as he falls near the lava river.

Back on Coruscant Darth Sidious gains the upper hand and sends Yoda reeling. The Jedi Master narrowly escapes with the help of Senator Bail Organa and pledges that he will go into hiding.

You Were My Brother!

On Mustafar, Obi-Wan is distraught over what has transpired. Anakin was said to be the Chosen One. TO destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force. But what hurt Kenobi the most was the fact that Anakin betrayed him and became something so sinister.

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Darth Vader, Looking up at his old master has completed his turn and has fully succumbed to the Dark Side.

Life & Death

Obi-Wan leaves his brother laying, dying on the ground. He carries Padme onto the ship and meets up with Bail Organa and Yoda on an isolated asteroid Polis Massa. It’s here we learn that Padme is dying and the medical droid will need to act quickly to save her unborn twins.

Image result for Padme dying

After the defeat of Yoda, Darth Sidious makes his way to Mustafar and finds his new apprentice, Darth Vader, dismembered and charred. He transports him to a medical facility on Coruscant.

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The two Jedi, Yoda and Kenobi, watch as Padme gives birth. She names the first Luke and the second Leia. Her last words to her old friend Obi-Wan is. “There is still good in him” speaking of Anakin. Padme Dies.

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Back on Coruscant Medical procedures are done on Darth Vader and we see the iconic mask placed onto his face. Gone is Anakin Skywalker.

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Vader’s first concern is the location of his wife. Darth Sidious informs him of her passing saying. “It appears in your anger you killed her.”

Vader, distraught, screams in absolute anguish.

Hidden They Must be kept

The film wraps up as Bail Organa, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi discuss where Anakin’s children will be kept. Keeping them hidden is in their best interest. Bail requests that he take the girl, Leia, as he and his wife have always wanted a baby girl.

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Yoda recommends Luke be placed in the care of his family on Tatooine with Kenobi watching over him.

Image result for baby luke with owen

As Obi-Wan hands off the young Skywalker we see the iconic Twin suns on the horizon of the planet. Where this trilogy ends, the next begins.

Story Impact

Fall to the Dark side

This is where we finally see Anakin’s descent into the Dark side. The diminished trust in the Jedi and the potential loss of his wife lead him to go down a path that he should have avoided.

Despite the betrayal of the one he trusted the most, Sheev Palpatine, Anakin allowed his fear of losing his wife blind him and became the very thing he swore to destroy.

When it comes to the Prequels. This film is the most important to the overall narrative. That isn’t to say Episodes I or II are not important, but this film here is what sets the stage for everything that happens in the following three installments of the Skywalker Saga.

Galactic Empire

No longer is the Galaxy ruled as a democracy. Darth Sidious has bamboozled everyone and taken control as the ruler of the first Galactic Empire for a secure and safe society.

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The Jedi Purge

Order 66 was simply the beginning of the Jedi purge. Darth Sidious wanted no competition when it came to his rule. This meant destroy anyone who could stop him. Throughout the years following Order 66 Darth Vader with the help of Inquisitors would search the Galaxy for any remaining Jedi and destroy them.

What it Meant to Me

When Revenge of the Sith released in 2005 I was just out of High school trying to figure out my place in this big bad world. I feel like the End of the saga marked the end of my childhood.

I remember going to Showcase Cinema, sitting about a quarter of the way up away from the screen and just taking it all in. This was the final Star Wars movie would would ever see on the BIG screen. Or so we thought.

And even though I have seen every film, except Return of the Jedi, in the theater. I soaked it all in. It’s an experience I will never forget.

I, in a way, became an adult that day. I closed the Prequel chapter of my life and began my adventures of Adulthood.

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