A Blaring Colorful Love Letter to the Music and Attitude of Rebellion…

Mad Cave Studios is excited to bring readers Terminal Punks #1! Originally announced during The Mad Cave Studios 2020 Showcase, the brand new series written by Matthew Erman (Long Lost, Power Rangers)with art by Shelly Criswell (The Nib) and letters by Micah Myers (Dead Beats), is expected to hit shelves November 11th.

Four lousy, grimy and greasy gutter punk teens are en route to their big show in the big apple but when things go monstrously wrong and mutant animals are unleashed in the airport, our four punk heroes must put on their combat boots, fly their Black Flag and try to survive a viral genetic mutant nightmare.

A hilarious, wild, and fun thrill-ride! Terminal Punksis a blaring colorful love letter to the music and attitude of rebellion. It is also a tongue-in-cheek takedown of rich idiots doing stupid things for bad reasons.

Terminal Punksis my dream-come-true mash-up of Green Room and Godzilla,” said Matthew Erman. “Making a book like this is punk fever dream come true. It’s unabashedly us and that’s so cool and important in telling the stories you want to tell. Mad Cave and Chris [Sanchez] gave Shelby and I so much freedom and trust to make this series come to life and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve come done. And boy oh boy did we do something. It’s got punks, monsters, and a mandatory quarantine so, it feels kind of timely as well. I hope you all enjoy this

“Never did I expect that a comic this rad would end up in my lap!” said Shelby Criswell. “The incredible writing skills of Matthew combined with the openness of our editor, Chris Sanchez, made my job so incredibly easy. This comic has almost everything I love, from monsters and punk kids to plenty of band references. It’s been a privilege to work with a team that allowed me to provide my input on these kids’ lives, looks, and identities. This comic is a must in your pull list.”

Mad Cave Studiosis a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded by Mark London in 2014, driven by madness and committed to quality. From horror and fantasy to sci-fi and adventure, Mad Cave Studios has a comic for you!

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