5 Questions with Deth Invictus!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud | iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube I had a small idea that I would ask my buddy from down under a few questions for a little 5-10 minute bit to put into an episode. Instead, we talked for over an hour and a half! Nothing I can do will ever be quick. On the show – John Kaylie Jackie Deth Invictus Questions: Would you give a homeless person CPR? Favorite Comics? Would you ever punch a kangaroo? What does Vegamite taste like? Will you ever chance your avatar? Buy Prints! – Game of Thrones: Hodor and Bran – http://y2cl.net/product/game-of-thrones-hodor-and-bran-print/ Iron Giant – http://y2cl.net/product/iron-giant-the-end-print/ Never Ending Story: Rock Biter – http://y2cl.net/product/the-never-ending-story-rock-biterpyornkrachzark/

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