2009 Q & A with Commentary

Lots of things happened this weekend and we were unable to get a NEW podcast recorded for you. So instead I present you our ORIGINAL first podcast from 2009, with some interjected commentary from me. Before you hit play I would like to start by apologizing for the music in the background during the whole show. That wasn’t a good idea. Hopefully we will get to record a new one soon, but I do plan to re-edit with commentary on a lot of our older episodes that can’t be found anywhere to use as fillers if we can’t record that week, just to stay weekly. This originally aired 5/31/2009. On the show: John Kaylie Kamren Links talked about in the show: https://myspace.com/damnthecow/music/songshttp://channelate.com Support what we do: http://y2cl.net/store http://patreon.com/y2cl Find us on Social media http://instagram.com/y2cl https://www.facebook.com/y2cl.net/ https://twitter.com/y2cl Got a question? Use the contact page OR hit us up on twitter @y2cl!

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